Benefits of live art

I recently was invited to perform live art on stage alongside a couple of local DJ’s and musicians. When asked, I was immediately hesitant because I was preoccupied with creating oil paintings. I thought it was going to take up too much precious time from my studio. However, I though it would be a great break from the long exhausting hours of being in a cramped room all day. So I agreed to go ahead and commit too the live painting gig. Little did I know that decision opened me up to a whole new avenue of painting. The many benefits that I noticed quadrupled the number of sales and opportunities available to me.



I found that live art is the a perfect opportunity to meet and greet people of all backgrounds. You never know who you will run into while performing live art. It’s a perfect opportunity to talk mingle with people regardless of whether or not they are interested in buying work. I have meet everyone from regional managers of famous food chains on the west coast to computer programmers from the east coast. All are potential individuals that may help marketing efforts through word-of-mouth.


One of the hardest part of marketing your art is getting an opportunity to display your work. Live art give you the chance to display your work in public. Unlike hanging work in a coffee shop or a gallery, live art captures the attention of bystanders walking by.


Being able to actually talk to potential buyers on the spot helps to increase your chances of selling work.


Creating work in front of an audience can help educate potential buyer on the amount of creativity that goes into your work. It allows the viewer to see how something is created from nothing. This gives the viewer better appreciation of the work and the effort that went into creating it.


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