Building Your Own Art Business

Building Your Own Art Business


There are hundreds of different outlets within the art business. Whether an artist paints using acrylic on canvas, or if an artist uses design software to create digital art, building an art business simply revolves around their need to be in business for themselves. It is important to understand that starting any business has its share of difficulty. You must be prepared and use what you know to be able to be successful. The art market is full of artists you may do exactly what you do. However, with the right attitude and tools, you can build a successful art business from the ground up and finally do what you are passionate about.


Find Your Nook

As stated before, the art market is completely full of artists that may do what you do on the surface. However, each and every artist has something they can offer that is unique. The first step in creating a successful art business is to find your nook. Your nook, or your niche, is your unique ability as an artist; the thing that makes you – you. In the art world, consumers may not know exactly what they are looking for. No matter how extravagant or unique your artwork is, the average consumer may have difficulty in determining this. It is important to find whatever makes you unique to the market and stick to it. Find what you can offer to the market that no one else can and use this to your advantage. The opportunities for creativity are endless. This does not mean that your other art has to go unnoticed. However, finding a nook allows you to culminate a customer base that is loyal and allows you to grow into other nooks.

Understand Basic Business

This part of the art business process is tricky. As an artist, your focus is on your art and creating unique pieces. However, when starting your own business, it is important to also have a focus on your business principles. Basic business principles include pricing and accounting. Questions you should ask yourself include, “What should I be charging for my pieces,” and “What business model should I use that will benefit me the most”? This does not mean you have to be a business expert. However, you should do your research and perhaps speak to someone who already has an established business. Remember, the art market is a creative one. What works for someone else, may not work for you.

Build A Network

As stated before, you should speak to someone who already has an established business. These individuals have already completed the work that you must now do. They can share wisdom with you that is priceless. Building a network of these individuals means building a database of professionals that can not only aid you in your business building, but may also be the source of a much needed customer base. These professionals can help with many things from critiquing your online presence, to showing you just how to account for your supply cost. On top of their knowledge, this network can also serve as a backbone for you. Tough times will happen during the startup of your business. Surround yourself with individuals that will build you back up when you are knocked down. The overall important aspect of building a business is staying confident and positive.

Sell Yourself

Another important aspect of building your business is your ability to sell yourself. This comes from your ability to build a brand for yourself. Your artwork is important, however, consumers must know your name before they can find your work. Branding comes in many forms from website design to the way you conduct your business. Social media marketing is soaring right now and websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all important tools to use to reach your consumer base. Use personal information such as your name and how to contact you. Create a webpage that screams what you do and how you do it. Write a creative marketing plan that allows you to advertise yourself without selling yourself short. Create an online presence that is both professional and creative. After all, you are an artist.

Stay Strong

Any business startup is difficult. However, the business of creating art can be even more so. You must deal with rejection and may have to reevaluate your business plan multiple times. Consumers may not understand from the get go exactly what it is that you do. However, through finding your nook, learning about business principles, building a creative and professional network and marketing yourself, you will see the profit. This will boost your confidence as an artist. Use this confidence to grow and to stay strong and positive. Your business deserves to be culminated instead of forced. Don’t give up when the difficulty comes or the consumers don’t. Instead, remember you are only beginning and give yourself some room to grow.


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