How to Brand Your Art Business

How to Brand Your Art Business


Just like your artwork, you are an original. In the art world, there are thousands of artists who may work with the same media as you. However, every artist is unique, just like your art business should be. If you are looking to grow in your art business and become a professional artist, your brand is just as important as your work. Just like your artwork, your brand is telling a story. The story it should tell is about your art, why you do what you do and just exactly how you plan to do it. This article will discuss how to brand your art business creatively and professionally.

Your Personal Brand

  • Your Image– The Artist

Just like your art, you have an overall concept and presentation. It is important to use these to market yourself and your art. Take your work into account and create an image for yourself that mirrors your work. Find what makes you unique and create an image around that. Make sure all professional aspects such as your website, your social media and your overall business marketing reflects this unique aspect. You are your image and you are where the branding starts.

  • Your Message

What do you want to say? This message to the world is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your message allows consumers to “get” what you are selling and to understand the purpose in your artwork. Are you in love with your subject? Are you working for a local charity that donates food to the homeless? Whatever your message, it will be reflected in your art and should be reflected in your branding. Make sure this is communicated well to your consumers and those who view your artwork. If it is communicated well, the world will understand your overall message and want to be a part of it. Your message is your business.

  • Marketing

Marketing is a way to show consumers that you are a professional. You can use many different outlets to market yourself as an artist. You can create an online presence for yourself by using a website and social media. Surround these with your logo, your artwork and your message. Make yourself known through your marketing strategy. If you advertise, make sure you use your branding. Attend other artists’ showings and go to other galleries. Market yourself as you wish others to see you. Remember, you are selling yourself as well as your art.

Tools Needed

Now that you have the basis of your brand down, you can work on creating the business aspect of your brand. These materials will aid in the representation of your brand and will help your consumers to remember who you are.

  • Your promotional products

If you wish to use these, promotional products include pens, notebooks, calendars of your work, etc. These products will help your consumers to remember you.

  • A professional website
    No matter what you do, a professional website is a must. This is a landing page where other artists and potential clients will come to view your portfolio and get to know your brand first hand.
  • Business Cards
    A business card is simply a point of contact between you and the consumer. If someone is interested in a piece but however leaves without any of your information, how will you sell? It is important to have your contact information readily available.
  • Social Media
    This type of marketing is booming right now. Just like your website, your social media presence should scream your brand as an artist. From your backgrounds to your photos, this is an open portfolio to whoever views it.
  • Gallery Design – Art Show Design
    You should always have an idea of how you want your showings to look. From your signing to your tables and any décor you use, these should all proclaim your brand. Your art placement is just as important as your work.

It is important to use this branding everywhere. Every time you are showing your work, you are showing your brand. Make sure to keep your website and your online presence up to date. If you have a blog, keep fresh content coming. If you have two art showing sin a month, make sure the first has as much branding as the other. It may take a while for consumers to understand just who you are. However, once they know who you are, it will be difficult for them to forget.

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