Top 3 social media platfoms for artist

What are the three best social media platforms to use when promoting you art on social media? Well this article addresses what I think are the three best.

1. Instagram

There’s no surprise that Instagram is in the top spot. The platform has become one of the leading destinations for the masses to post, share and discover new things. Here is a bullet list of the qualities and features that make Instagram the best social media platform for artist to utilize.

  • Visually based sharing – Users are discovering, liking  and sharing  new things based off of visuals.
  • Hashtags – Instagram’s Hashtags system is heavily relied upon for user to dicover new images. This is good for those who utilize hashtags when posting.
  • Manageable – With the popularity of Instagram, there are a plethora 3rd party applications and websites that allow you to not only manage your account, but to research best practices and trends.
  • Popularity – Instagram has over 200 million users. It’s popularity comes not only from the fact that it is a great app, but it is owned by Facebook. Being linked and integrating with Facebook give Instagram a huge bust in its ability to reach the masses.


2. Tumblr

Tumblr is not as widely used as Instagram but the ability for your work to go viral is always present. Here are some of the features that make Tumblr one of my favorite platforms to use:

  • Customizable – With Tumblr accounts, you are given a free range to design and customize your blog however you see fit. Even though you can customize your blog, it always stays within Tumblr’s network. This means that anyone can discover your posts on Tumblr, even though your page may seem like a totally different website.
  • Media friendly – On Tumblr, it’s all about sharing media. Whether it’s an images, audio, text, or video, you are likely to be seen and shared if your post is anywhere near remotely interesting.
  • Owned Platform – Users are able to use their own domain name; making it possible to have their Tumblr account their website as well.
  • Pages – Unlike other platforms, Tumblr allows users to create as many pages as they want. This means that artists can create pages full of their information while still being a part of the Tumblr network.


3. YouTube

YouTube is all about videos. This platform’s strength comes from its established foothold in the lexicon on society. Regardless of what you want to know, your first destination is to Google it or to find out more about it on YouTube. Here are some of the reasons why YouTube should be a must have for artist:

  • Popular Search engine – YouTube is the #1 search engine for music and how-to videos. This means that if you are able to put together a tow-to video about a particular art technique, your video has a good chance of being discovered.
  • Great support – When creating an account and channel, you are able to get support from YouTube. Their YouTube University is designed to give you much needed support, advice, materials and more.
  • Analytics – YouTube provides users with important analytic that can help in the decision making process.
  • Integration – With YouTube’s success, many 3rd party applications make it easy to integrate YouTube videos into other websites. This feature makes YouTube videos easily sharable.
  • Subscription – When users subscribe to your channel, they are consistently being informed when you create and publish new videos. Specifically, Your new videos show up on a subscriber’s feed and emails are sent to inform them about new content.


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